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Why isn’t Al Jazeera (of all people) taking Occupy Wall Street more seriously?

6 Oct

It’s not often I take issue with Al Jazeera’s reporting. It’s usually excellent. This though is a rather disappointing way to talk about the legitimacy of protest by people without institutional backing.
The unions joining the #occupywallstreet protests apparently "lend[s] the movement credibility." It’s brilliant that more groups are getting involved in the protest but the language Al Jazeera uses here is highly derogatory.
Were the views and actions of the Occupy Wall Street protesters somehow not credible before some recognised institutions lent their support to the movement? I’d say they absolutely were.
We’re going to see a lot more fluid, leaderless protest in the future which has been organised within online networks. This flexibility doesn’t mean the opinions held by organisers of and participants in protest are any less valid than big marches organised by unions.

Location:Abou Al Mahasen Square,,Egypt


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