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A Fix For iBook G4 Airport Kernel Panics

18 Sep

Don’t worry. You are at the correct webpage to find out how to fix the problem of regular kernel panics with iBook G4 1.33 ghz laptops. It’s just this is the only computing post I’ve written within a blog that’s otherwise dedicated to political commentary. Feel free to take a look around!

Around a year ago I started having problems with my Mac iBook G4 1.33 ghz 12″. I would get crashes or kernel panics regularly and the laptop would have to be restarted. This was no easy task as it would often crash whilst restarting. After a bit of googling I found lots of similar iBook G4 owners with similar difficulties. The problem was known to be down to the Airport wireless card but the best solution I could find was to buy a separate USB wireless adapter and turn off Airport in the menu bar. I did this but I was still getting kernel panics quite regularly during normal use and every time I tried to restart the laptop. Eventually, I gave up and bought a new netbook as a replacement. Today however, I had an idea how to stop the kernel panics occurring and it’s been successful.

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Dissertation on Masculinities : Some ideas out loud

17 Sep

One of the purposes for this blog is going to be to think out loud on subjects I’m writing about in my degree. In part it’s a kind of experiment to see if that helps to solidify what I want to say in my final pieces of work and might assist in verbal explanations of what I’m working on.  It also means I can learn to write in a slightly different style to what I’m used to. Writing academic essays is in many ways, not exactly the best preparation for writing in the rest of life. Continue reading


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